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Balsamic Store is an online store for the sale of products offered and available for sale through the store according to the terms set forth in this terms and conditions document and the sales agreement, and when you request any of our services or request to buy or display products through us, you agree to this agreement with its terms and obligations, and in the event If any person does not agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in this document and the Privacy Policy, then he is not authorized to use our site in any way.

First: tariffs

Second: The legal scope of our services

Third: The legal nature of the agreement

Fourth: Consent and legal capacity

Fifth: Membership registration

Sixth: the digital signature

Seventh: Acceptable Use Policy

Eighth: guarantees

Ninth: Content Policy

Tenth: Fees and taxes

Eleventh: Assessment Policy

Twelfth: Copyright

Thirteenth: Trademarks

Fourteenth: Legal responsibility

Fifteenth: The limits of our responsibility

Sixteenth: Compensation

Seventeen: Amendments

Eighteen: Cancellation of the agreement

Nineteen: Communication

Twenty: Notices

Twenty-one: Transfer of rights and obligations

Twenty-two: The applicable law and the competent courts

Twenty-three: language

First: tariffs

In this Agreement, unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms shall have the meanings referred to.

“Balsamok”, “the store”, “we”, “our pronoun” or “the possessive pronoun”: refers to the website, and the Balsam Specialized Medical Corporation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Commercial Registration No. 4030311373, which owns the registered trademark “Balsamok” In the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property.

“User”, “you” or “you” means the person who visits the Store, uses it or registers as a Member of the Store.

“Customer” refers to every person, organization or company that orders the purchase of products offered for sale through the Store.

“Products” refers to the products offered for sale through the Website, which includes (home health care products) and other products available through the Store.

"Content" refers to the content of the store, which includes, but is not limited to (images, text, video, information, data, prices, product lists, descriptions of services and products, advertisements, and all icons, symbols, letters and numbers).

"Agreement" refers to the terms and conditions, privacy policy, sales agreement, all main and sub-store pages, description of services, all information and content of services, all special instructions and agreements between the store on the one hand and any of the store's users on the other hand, as well as contracts related to the terms and provisions.

"Parties of the agreement" refers to the store on the one hand as (a first party in the contractual relationship), and any person who visits the store or uses it or registers an account in the store or provides any of the store's services or benefits from our services in any way on the other hand as (a second party in contractual relationship).

Second: The legal scope of our services

(1) The website works as an online store to sell the products available through it, as it is our marketing tool, through which we show the customer all information about the products offered for sale and their specifications, on the basis of which he accepts the purchase. The offer and advertisement of the products available through the site is considered an "invitation to contract" and not a "binding offer". The contract is concluded with the customer if he submits a purchase request, then we accept this request based on the availability of the place of purchase "products".

(2) The store is dedicated to selling the products available through it, and our responsibility is limited to providing those products online, and in accordance with the policies announced through the terms and conditions and the sales agreement, and we provide all our services in accordance with the electronic commerce system and its implementing regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

(3) The Balsamic store is not a provider of informational content, and the store is not treated as a publisher of any content that is published through the store or through any feature available for communication through the store.

(4) You know and agree to exempt the "Balsamic" store from any liability on the part of third parties.

Third: The legal nature of the agreement

(1) This agreement is the complete and final agreement between the "Balsamic" store on the one hand, and any person who visits the store or uses it or uses any of its properties or features on the other hand.

(2) This agreement is a valid contract complete with legal terms and elements, enforceable against all the parties mentioned, and its provisions and obligations are binding on all of them, and no one may derogate from it or terminate it as long as it produces its legal effects.


(4) The description of the services and sub-pages of the store that were prepared by the "Balsamac" store is an integral part of this agreement.

(5) The Sale Agreement and the contracts supplementing this Agreement are an integral part of it, and the terms and conditions that apply to this Agreement apply to it, and are inseparably linked to this Agreement whether or not there is.

(6) Amendments to this Agreement shall have the same provision and legal effect as this Agreement.

Fourth: Consent and legal capacity

You represent that you have the necessary legal capacity to enter into and agree to this Agreement, and that you have full, unrestricted legal power subject to the following terms:

(1) The capacity and consent of the natural person

1. The user of the "Balsamic" store must be 18 years of age or older.

2. The user of the "Balsamic" store is required to have the legal capacity necessary to conclude contracts, and we are not responsible for verifying the eligibility of any of the site's users.

3. By using the "Balsamic" store services, you agree to this agreement, and acknowledge that you are legally bound by the terms and conditions stipulated in this document or its amendments.

(2) Eligibility and consent of a minor (those under 18 years of age)

1. If you are under the age of 18, you may use the Balsamic Store services only under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

2. Without prejudice to any other rights of "Balsamic" store under this agreement or the law, the store reserves the right to restrict your access to the store or cancel your membership if it deems that you are under the age of 18.

Fifth: Membership registration

(1) It is required that the user register on the site under his real name, and refrain from using any pseudonyms, false or misleading names. Once you register as a natural person, you represent yourself only, as the account is based on personal consideration.

(2) The user must provide us with membership registration data, which may include but not be limited to (name, address, e-mail, mobile number).

(3) Membership in the store is free and direct to users and does not need to be reviewed by the store management.

(4) The user undertakes to maintain the confidential information of his account, such as the username and password, and that he is responsible for any disclosure of this information to third parties, and he is also responsible for any use made by any person who disclosed this confidential information to him.

(5) The user undertakes to inform the store immediately in the event of hacking or theft of the account, or discovering any illegal use of his account in the store, so that we can take the necessary technical measures to maintain the account.

(6) You may not use another person's account at any time without the express consent of "Balsamic" store.

(7) We reserve the right to cancel accounts that have not been confirmed or that have been inactive for a long time.

(8) The user can cancel his account and remove his data, in the event that he does not agree to the terms and conditions and their amendments or the privacy policy of the site, at any time he wants by writing to us via our approved e-mail [email protected] and writing (cancellation) in the subject field.

Sixth: the digital signature

(1) In services that require registration: By registering for an account in the store, or by clicking to accept the terms of service when requested by the store, you have implemented this agreement and other terms of service electronically, and they are legally effective against you from the date of registering your account or from the date you click to accept the Terms of Service.

(2) In services that do not require registration: Your use of these services is your express acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in this document and all other policies, and you are legally bound by them from the date of such use.

Seventh: Acceptable Use Policy

(1) The user acknowledges that by agreeing to the conclusion of this agreement, he will not be based or relied upon on any other representations, warranties or assurances by or on behalf of the "Balsamac" store, except as stipulated in this agreement.

(2) By your compliance with the Terms of Use or any Service Terms and by your payment of any applicable fees, the Store grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable license to access and non-commercial use of the Balsamic Store Services.

(3) This license does not include resale or any commercial use of any of our services or their contents, nor does it include any copying of available account information for third parties, any use of data extraction methods, or any use of similar data gathering and extraction tools.

(4) You may not reproduce or make an exact copy of this store, or copy, sell or resell any part of it, or otherwise use it for commercial or non-commercial exploitation purposes, without the express written consent of “Balsamic” store.

(5) You may not use any meta tags or any other "hidden text" exploiting the "Balsamic" name or trademarks without the express written consent of the store.

(6) All information you disclose must be true, up-to-date, correct, and represent you, and comply with what is required in our registration form.

(7) The user undertakes to be accurate when entering the information required to be entered in the store, and is responsible for reviewing that information periodically for the purpose of correcting, amending or renewing it whenever new information becomes available to you, provided that you keep all the data and documents indicating that.

(8) If you provide information that is untrue, inaccurate, not simultaneous or incomplete, or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not simultaneous, incomplete or inconsistent with this User Agreement, and without prejudice Any other rights under this Agreement or the law, we will suspend or cancel your membership.

(9) You agree not to use the "Balsamic" store or any service provided through it in an illegal, fraudulent or antisocial manner as we appreciate.

(10) You are responsible for maintaining the use of the store in all seriousness and credibility.

(11) You may use our services only as permitted by law, and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

(12) You may not misuse our services in any way.

(13) The user is obligated to notify us if he discovers any illegal use of the store.

(14) You acknowledge that you will notify us if there are any publications, materials or transactions that appear to be in violation of the User Agreement.

(15) The use of the "Balsamic" store may be associated with the provision of services or content of third parties, which are not under our control, and therefore you acknowledge that other terms and conditions and privacy policies apply to your use of the services and content of non-affiliated parties.

(16) The store's services are available within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and therefore we are not obligated to provide any orders in any other country, however you can access the store from anywhere in the world.

(17) All rights not expressly granted to you in these Terms of Use or any other terms of service are reserved by “Balsamac” store, and the licenses granted by us expire if you do not comply with these Terms of Use or any other terms of service.

(18) The customer is obligated to specify the product to be purchased accurately, according to the specifications he wants and available through the store before submitting the purchase order, and the customer can purchase the products offered for sale through the store if these products are available and ready for sale, and the customer is obligated to pay the price of the product advertised through the store , in the ways specified by the store.

(19) We may at any time ask you for further verifications, including the customer's full name, national identification number, detailed address, telephone number, and other information that we may deem necessary to complete the shipment.

(20) The customer is bound by all the policies followed by the store, including the policies of payment, shipping, return and use of the products.

(21) The customer shall comply with all provisions of applicable laws, decrees and regulations.

Eighth: guarantees

The Balsamic store is keen to provide all legal undertakings and guarantees to the customer, in accordance with the legal provisions in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as follows:

(1) The store guarantees that it has all the legal rights and powers to sell the products, and also guarantees that it has obtained all the necessary permits to sell the product.

(2) The store undertakes to announce the prices of the products clearly through the store, and that this price is written on the products upon delivery to the customer, and the customer may request an invoice for the products he purchased from the store.

(3) The store guarantees that all information, pictures and files related to the products it provides on the store are correct, accurate and legal, and reflect the products of the store.

(4) The store shall ensure that no false or misleading information is published about its products, and that the products are presented with commercial legitimacy.

(5) The store undertakes to make maximum efforts to obtain guarantees from product manufacturing companies, if any, and under this agreement assigns those guarantees to the customer to the extent permitted.

(6) The store undertakes to deliver the products to the customer upon the delivery date agreed upon between the two parties, according to the specifications announced on the sales page, and that the delivery takes place in a professional manner in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.

Ninth: Content Policy

(1) The store retains ownership of the content of the products and all visual images and files, and has the rights to publish them at any time.

(2) The user acknowledges that he has the full right to publish the content through the store, and that this content does not violate any of the rights of others.

(3) Users bear all legal responsibilities, in the event that they violate any personal or intellectual property rights over any of the content that they publish through the store.

(4) You agree not to send any messages that are racially discriminatory, contain defamation, profanity, obscene imagery, or are generally of "bad taste".

(5) You are not authorized in any way to publish any links to other websites or applications through the store or through any features available within the store.

(6) The store bears no responsibility for publishing the content, and we are not responsible for the user's violation of any rights of others, which is the sole responsibility of the user.

(8) The store bears no responsibility for the misuse of the content, and it is the responsibility of the user who misuses the content, and the user in this case is responsible for his use of the store's content before us.

commercial rights, or other proprietary rights of others.

(10) You know that the content posted on this store is for informational purposes only, and the opinions and comments posted on the store here are the opinions of the individuals who publish the content and may not reflect our opinion.

Tenth: Fees and taxes

(1) The store does not charge membership registration fees. Balsamic offers free membership to customers.

(2) The store collects from customers only the price of the products, and does not collect any fees or other costs except for the shipping cost and cash payment fees.

(3) The products that the customer obtains from the store include all imposed government taxes, and a value-added tax of 15% of the invoice value is added to the invoice issued to the customer. The store collects it from the customer and then pays it to the tax authorities.

(4) In the case of using electronic payment for the price of products, the bank used by the customer in the payment process may impose fees for transferring funds, so the customer bears these fees.

Eleventh: Assessment Policy

The store offers the service of evaluation and adding comments to customers after each purchase, with the aim of providing better service to all our customers, and the following is required to add comments:

(1) Comments must be truthful, legal and expressive of the service provided to the customer.

(2) It is prohibited to use illegal words, phrases or expressions during the evaluation process.

(3) It is prohibited to use logos, website names, other applications, famous or not-so-famous trademarks, during the evaluation process.

(4) It is prohibited to make comparisons between our services and those of our competitors in a way that harms us or our competitors.

(5) It is prohibited to offend people, countries, cultures, society, or any human, societal or religious values during the evaluation process.

(6) It is prohibited to publish any advertisements or promotion of goods or services through the evaluation service of our store.

(7) The store reserves the right not to publish comments if they are illegal or untruthful from our point of view.

(8) The store reserves the right to delete any comments that were posted, if they violate the previous provisions or any of the terms and conditions, the sales agreement, or the privacy policy.

(9) The store reserves its legal right to resort to the judiciary in case of offending us through the feedback service.

(10) A third party, who has been abused through the comments service, has the right to resort to court against the customer who added the illegal comments, without referring to us.

Twelfth: Copyright

(1) The store and the ideas expressed within it are our exclusive intellectual property rights, and any imitation or quotation of the store or some of its services (including ideas, texts, icons and software) is a violation of our copyrights, and we will take all legal measures against the perpetrator of the said violations .

(2) All content included or available within the “Balsamac” store services, such as (texts, logos, images, graphics, audio recordings, button icons, digital contents, re-uploaded materials, software and data collection) are the property of “Balsamac” store, It is protected by the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and international copyright laws.

(3) The collection of all data included in the "Balsamic" service, or made available by any of our services, is the exclusive property of the "Balsamac" store and is protected by Saudi and international copyright laws, as well as by applicable international agreements, such as the Berne Convention and the Convention thrips.

Thirteenth: Trademarks

(1) “Balsamok” and “Balsamok” and associated logos are our trademarks and/or service marks.

(2) Images, logos, page headers, button icons, texts, and service names are trademarks and commercial designs of Balsamic Store.

(3) It is prohibited to reproduce the trademarks or commercial designs of the "Balsamac" store in any media or advertising medium without our written permission.

(4) It is not permissible to use the trademarks and commercial designs of the “Balsamic” store in connection with any product or service that is not affiliated with us, so as not to harm the value and credibility of the “Balsamac” store or its customers.

Fourteenth: Legal responsibility

(1) You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations within the country through which you use the Store, in relation to your use of the Store, and bear all responsibilities arising in the event of your breach of such laws or regulations, as well as abide by all the terms and conditions stipulated in this Agreement.

(2) In the event that the user violates any of the terms or provisions of this agreement, the “Balsamac” store has the right to take an administrative action within the store, represented in suspending membership for a period of time or making a permanent ban for the violating user, and in this case he is not entitled to register in The store again only with the express approval of the "Balsamic" store.

(3) The penalties that the “Balsamic” store imposes on the parties to this agreement do not affect the right of each party to take all legal measures that it deems appropriate at its discretion, without referring to us in any way and without any responsibility on the store.

(4) The customer is liable under this agreement and under the law, and is obligated to compensate us in the event that he submits fictitious or non-serious purchase requests, or whose purpose is to annoy us or waste our time, and he is also legally responsible before the shipping companies in this case.

(5) If you violate this agreement, the “Balsamac” store reserves the right to claim any amounts owed from you, and to demand compensation for any losses or damages caused, and the store has the right to take legal action, or resort to the competent courts to file civil or criminal claims against you .

(6) Balsamic Store does not guarantee that action will be taken against all violations that may occur to this usage agreement, and our failure to take legal action in any case of violation does not mean a waiver of our right to take these measures at any time we deem appropriate.

Fifteenth: The limits of our responsibility

(1) You expressly agree that you use the "Balsamac" store at your own risk.

(2) We provide our services “as available”, without any representations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, regarding the use of this site, its content or the services provided on it.

(3) The sale process takes place electronically according to the availability of the products in the store, and therefore the customer relieves the store of any responsibility in the event that the products are not available in the store or the stock runs out.

(4) The store does not guarantee that technical defects will be fixed, or that the store site or its servers are free from viruses or anything else that is harmful or destructive, and you know that websites on the Internet are always subject to data corruption, unavailability or delay in its appearance, And you accept that.

(5) The store may be unavailable from time to time due to repair, maintenance or development work, and you agree that the store is not obligated to provide technical support at any time.

(6) You acknowledge that the "Balsamic" store is an internet-based service, and that although we make every effort to maintain and keep the information secure, we cannot guarantee that the information that the user receives or transmits while using the store is safe. any time.

(7) The Balsamic store does not provide any guarantee and assumes no responsibility regarding the currentness, popularity, accuracy and quality of the information that the user receives or accesses through the store.

(8) The responsibility for using or relying on the information received or accessed by the user through the “Balsamac” store services rests entirely with that user.

(9) Balsamic Store does not make any guarantees that this store, its servers, or messages sent are free of viruses or other harmful components.

(10) "Balsamic" store cannot confirm that every user of the store is actually the person he claims to be.

(11) The store will not be liable in all cases for any direct or indirect loss, or consequential loss, or loss of profits and goodwill, or damage whatsoever, as a result of disclosing your username and / or password.

(12) Balsamic Store, including its managers, partners and all employees, is not legally responsible for any kind of direct or indirect losses or damages that may arise from the use of this store.

(13) We may at any time modify, suspend or cut off the services of the "Balsamac" store without sending you a notification of that, and we may also stop your use of the services.

(14) The Balsamic store has the right to suspend or cancel your membership or your access to the store at any time without notice and for any reason, and without limitation, and it can cancel this user agreement, without prejudice to the rights of others.

(15) Pictures, product specifications and all content of the site are for commercial purposes only, and the content is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, and to obtain medical advice, please refer to the specialist doctor or any approved provider of health services in case you have any Questions about a medical condition.

(16) Balsam Store and the employees of Balsam Specialized Medical Corporation are not responsible under any circumstances for any direct or indirect damages that may occur due to the use or inability to use any of the products purchased from the store.

Sixteenth: Compensation

(1) You agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the "Balsamic" store against all claims and claims that may be filed or claimed by others as a result of your use of the store, or because of your violation of these terms and conditions, or a violation of the rights of other users.

(2) The store excludes from its guarantees, terms and conditions any financial losses that may be incurred by the customer, defamation of reputation, or any special damages arising from your misuse of the products or the store, and that the store does not bear any responsibilities or claims in such cases.

(3) The Balsamic Store, its officers and employees shall not be liable, to you or to any other party, for any direct or indirect loss, or for any other cost that may arise from or in connection with the implementation of the User Agreement, or in connection with the provision of our services.

(4) The user must protect the “Balsamic” store and its employees, and defend them and compensate them for any losses resulting from any claim or claim related to the store, or resulting from an act or negligence on the part of the user, his representatives or agents.

(5) You are obligated to compensate for any losses or damages that may be caused to the store as a result of any illegal or unauthorized use by us.

Seventeen: Amendments

(1) The user is bound by the changes and modifications made by the store in the applicable policies, and he must accept any modifications that the "Balsamic" store deems necessary.

(2) We may, at any time, make any modifications or improvements that we deem necessary to the store to increase its effectiveness, and the user shall be bound by any directives or instructions provided by the store to him in this regard.

(3) You may not change, modify or replace any terms of this agreement without the written consent of "Balsamic" store.

(4) We may amend or update these terms and conditions “User Agreement” for the use of the store without sending you notice; Therefore, you should review this Agreement periodically.

(5) You agree to abide by all additional terms and conditions that will be made available to you, in connection with the use of any of the services available through the store, and these additional terms and conditions are incorporated into this agreement.

Eighteen: Cancellation of the agreement

The agreement is considered void on its own, without the need for excuses or judicial action in any of the following cases:

(1) In the event that it is proven that you have violated any paragraph or clause of this agreement above, while preserving all our rights to claim compensation for the damages resulting from that.

(ii) assign or sublease the account without our consent.

(3) The failure of the user to fulfill any obligations stipulated in this agreement, without taking serious measures to remove this breach, while reserving our right to claim compensation, if any.

(4) not being able to authenticate any information you provide to us.

(5) if we determine at any time that your activities may give rise to legal disputes for you or other users.

(6) Cessation of the store's activity, or the cessation of the activity of those responsible for managing the store.

Nineteen: Communication

(1) You agree to receive communications from us, and we will communicate with you by e-mail, mobile number, or by posting notices through the store, or through other "Balsamac" store services.

(ii) You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy all legal requirements, as if such communications were in writing, and provide for their legal effects.

(3) During the registration process, "Balsamac" store requests your consent for us to send messages to your e-mail, mobile phone, or through the store for promotional purposes, in order to inform you of any changes, features, or new activities added to the store.

(4) If you decide at any time that you do not wish to receive promotional messages, you can disable receiving these messages by writing to us, or revoke your consent to receive messages through the “My Account” page available on the site, and in this case we do not guarantee that you will fully enjoy our services .

Twenty: Notices

(1) Any notices that you wish to send to the "Balsamac" store must be sent through the specified means within the store, and any notices sent outside the store are not valid.

(2) Any notices that the "Balsamac" store would like to send to you, either by announcing it on the store, or by sending it to you via the mobile number or e-mail that you provided us with during the registration process, and it is assumed that you are aware of the notification as soon as it is announced on the store, or as soon as you pass 24 hours from the time the message was sent to you.

Twenty-one: Transfer of rights and obligations

(1) The Balsamic store has the right to transfer all its rights stipulated in this agreement to third parties without any objection from the user, and everyone is obligated to implement all their obligations stipulated in this agreement towards the assignee as soon as they are notified of the transfer, and the assignee has the right to take all legal measures against the one who fails to implement his obligations under this agreement.

(2) You may not assign your obligations and rights under this agreement, or entrust the management of your account in the store to a third party, except after obtaining our written consent.

Twenty-two: The applicable law and the competent courts

(1) This Agreement shall be governed by the laws in force and in effect within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

(2) The judiciary within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall have jurisdiction over any dispute that may arise from the interpretation or implementation of the provisions of this Agreement.

(3) If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the legality and enforceability of the other provisions shall not be affected in any way by that provision.

Twenty-three: language

(1) The Arabic text of this agreement is the approved text for the purposes of interpretation and application of its terms and conditions.

(2) In the event of a conflict between the Arabic text and the translated text of this Agreement, it is agreed in this case that what came in the Arabic language shall apply.