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Delivery Information

Sales agreement

Exchange and return policy:

The customer can return purchases within (7 days) or exchange within (7 days) only from the date of purchase, provided that the returned or replaced goods are in their original condition when purchased, unused, and their outer packaging in their original condition.

The customer is not entitled to return or replace any of the following materials at all:

Opened packages and used, damaged, or improperly stored items.

For health reasons, products that have been used through direct wear or contact with the body or its secretions are not returned or exchanged in the interest of public safety and to avoid cross-infection.

Special requests.

Products installed at the customer's site.

Products and items sold by the meter.

Deposit policy:

A deposit must be paid by the customer in the event that the product is manufactured, modified, or equipped according to specifications or numbers specified by the customer, or some special requirements that exceed the cost of transportation and shipping fees.

The customer has the right to claim a refund in the event that the facility does not comply with the agreed specifications or if the product is defective.


We ensure high procedures to check the quality of our products and what we offer to the customer.

The customer has the right to request maintenance from the exhibition in the event that it is the guarantor and agent for the defective equipment and devices within normal conditions during the warranty period and conditions. Security.

In the event that the warranty is for the equipment and devices from a local agent other than the exhibitor, the customer has the right to know the full contact information of the agent and the guarantor of the equipment and devices that he purchased from the establishment, and the duration and conditions covered by this guarantee.